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Blackout Wax is a candle studio based in Silver Lake, California.

We set out to make a different kind of candle. 

The Vessel

Desert-inspired, with depth and weight, our vessels are design-worthy craftswomanship, made at a local studio in Los Angeles. No two are exactly the same, but all are carefully handmade with a subtle Blackout Wax logo stamped on the face.

The Material

An all-natural soy wax is the foundation of our product, free from all the chemicals contained in lesser waxes. Most cotton wicks are also known to contain toxic materials - even lead. So, we chose to use wooden wicks, which give off a soft crackling sound and provide a full and even burn. Lastly, we use a balance of both essential and phthalate-free fragrance oils to scent our candles. Not all essential oils are safe to burn nor are all fragrance oils harmful.

The Philosophy

Sustainability is important to us at Blackout Wax, so we offer a refill service to encourage customers to reuse their vessels. This way, you can burn your candle without hesitation, knowing you’ll never be too long without your favorite scent. Otherwise, the repurposing options for your vessels are endless!